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Prasava Raksha

Prasava Raksha

Prasava Raksha is Post delivery care in Ayurveda. Prasava Raksha refers to the process of taking care of the mother during the postnatal period, ideally from the moment of birth up to 6 weeks after that. The postpartum period is very critical and it is important that the mother’s health bounces back. Post-pregnancy, there are major mental and physical changes in the mother, which demand the right care for the body to regain the energy and strength like her pre-pregnancy body.

In Kerala, traditionally follow the practice of Prasava Raksha in every home right after delivery. Through our Prasava Raksha packages we aim to to bring each woman to her healthiest postnatal stage.

Why prasava Rakshya?
  • Cleanses the uterus after delivery.
  • Strengthens the muscles, nerves and blood vessels.
  • Increases digestive power.
  • Provides abundant healthy breast milk.
  • Enhances the body power to sustain bleeding, weakness, illness, etc. after delivery.
  • Restores hormonal imbalance and metabolism.

Below are the procedures involved in Prasava Raksha :


Massage helps to protect mothers from becoming stressed and helps the mother relax. It is one of the best ways to speed up postnatal recovery and gives her some much required time to look after herself. Ayurveda says, the 40 days proper rest and care after birth ensures good health for the next 40 years.


The post-delivery herbal bath is a relaxing way to soothe, restore & heal oneself after the challenges of delivery. This healing postpartum herb bath is just one of the most effective things you can do to help you recover quicker after birth.


Ayurveda has a special abdominal wrapping practice (also known as belly binding) to strengthen the back and restore the shape of muscles and organs that changed due to pregnancy. For this long piece of fine cotton cloth is folded around the belly a few times & tied snug while allowing movement and the skin to breathe.