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Luxurious Karnataka

08 Nights / 09 Days

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Trip Itineraries

Day1: Hyderabad (Arrival) to Bidar

Arrival at Hyderabad then proceeds Bidar – A city tinted with a shade of rich culture and heritage. This historical city once considered to be the most flourishing cities of South India. Bidar is packed with great architectural marvels and ancient specimens that add on to its charm.

  • Bidar Fort – Visit to witness a glimpse of the mighty South Indian dynasties that ruled over Deccan. This place offers some fortifications, moating , colourful royal palaces and museums views.(Visiting time 9am to 5pm No entry fee)
  • Rangin Mahal – Located inside the Bidar fort complex. It is an architectural wonder that is one of the best preserved monuments. The palace is situated near Gumbad gate.(Visiting time 9am to 5pm).
  • Bahmani Tombs – The Bahmani tombs known as the cluster of 12 tombs. The tomb comprise of large mausoleums adorned with lofty domes, arches and niches.
  • Narasimha Jhira cave temple – This is the famous cave temple dedicated to self manifested deity of Narasimha Dev.To worship the deity of the temple, devotees have to pass through the cave which comprise of a continuously  flowing stream of water.

Overnight stay at Bidar.

Day2: Bidar to Gulbarga

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Gulbarga – One of the major city in North Karnataka. Gulbarga got its name from the Persian language ‘Gul’ means ‘Flower’ and ‘Berg’ means ‘Leaf’. Krishna and Bhima rivers floe through the city. Also known for its different styles of architecture and hence quite popular among historians.

  • Gulbarga Fort – The granite monument which exhibits a beautiful blend of Persian and Indian architecture.
  • Sharana Basaveshwara temple – This temple is marvel of Hindu stone carvings. It is sacred place dedicated to saint Basaveshwara, who is identified as a teacher, philosopher and enlightened being .Who made several significant contributions to society. (Visiting time 9am to 6pm).
  • Buddha Vihar – The monument is significant Buddhist pilgrimage centre constructed in the conventional Buddhist style of India. (Visiting time 8am to 12pm & 5pm to 10pm).

Overnight stay at Gulbarga.

Day3: Gulbarga to Bijapur
  • Morning after breakfast proceeds to Bijapur – Is a place is redolent of the past .The architecture of the city and its innurable monuments tell the story of a city that once had a rich culture and heritage.

    • Gol Gumbaz – It is the crypt of Muhammad Adil Shah, who was the 7th Sultan in Bijapur. Gumbaz is one of the most significant monument of India, Constructed as pert the Deccan architecture. It is sometimes even referred as ‘Taj Mahal of South India’.

    (Entry fee Indian for 10/- and Foreigners for 100/- & Visiting time 10am to 5pm)

    • Ibrahim Rauza – It is known as Taj Mahal of Deccan.
    • The Citadel – With its own surrounding walls and moat. The citadel houses, palaces, gardens and halls from the Adil Shah dynasty. The royal Gagan Mahal, The Durbar hall, Sat Manzil, Jala Manzil and Bara Kaman are the most fascinating structures here.
    • Malik- E-Maidan – Historical important site. Malik Maidan means Lord of the Battlefield. Large cannon in here and also has an inscription top of it.

    Overnight stay at Bijapur.

Day4: Bijapur to Badami

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Badami – The home of cave temples. Surrounding the Agastya Lake. There are 3 Hindu temples and one Jain temple in Badami caves.

  • Agastya Lake – This Lake faces all the caves of Badami and surrounded by the red sandstone temples.
  • Cave temples – Consist of 4 separate temples each holding intricate carvings and depictions. These carvings depicted Shiva and Vishnu in various avatars in the 1st three temples.4th temple dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras.
  • Mallikarjuna temple – Within the Bhuthanatha temple cluster by the beautiful Agastya lake of Badami lies the elegantly designed Mallikarjuna temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Bhuthanatha temple – Facing the Agastya Lake. Built of local sandstone, dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Badami fort – Situated on the top of cliff. Fort is accompanied by two Shivalinga complexes dating back to the 5th century.(Visiting time 6am to 6pm).
  • Aihole – History’s store house of temples.

Overnight stay at Badami.

Day5: Badami to Hampi

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Hampi – World heritage site located by the Tungabhadra River. Commonly is the Archaeological destination.

  • Achutharaya temple – One of the major splendid and awe inspiring temple located between Matanga and Gandhamada hills.(Visiting time 5: 30am to 1pm &5:30pm to 9pm)
  • Kadelakalu Ganesha temple – Largest statue of Lord Ganesha. Situated slope of the Hemakuta hills.(Visiting time 6am to 6pm  Oct to Feb)
  • Badava Linga – Largest Shiva statue (Visiting time 5am to 9pm Nov to Feb)
  • Vijaya Vittala – Dedicated to Lord Vishnu.(Visiting time 8:30am to 5pm Nov to Feb)
  • Virupaksha temple – Dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Hampi Bazar – Facing the Virupaksha temple .Various artefacts available here.

Overnight stay at Hampi.

Day6: Hampi to Chitradurga

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Chitradurga – Southern part of Karnataka. Picturesque ancient city has an umbrella shaped lofty hills and eminent rocks of several shapes.

  • Adumulleshwara temple – This is the cave temple and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple premise also has a small zoo.
  • Chitradurga fort – Which stands regally at the top of hill overlooking the view of town.(Visiting time 6am to 6pm Oct to Mar)
  • Chandravalli Caves – Archaeological site formed by three hills. Lake outside the cave temple.(Visiting time 10:30am to 5:30pm except Saturday(8:30am to 9pm) Oct to Mar)
  • Ankali Mutt – Place formed for its various subterranean chambers.
  • Vanivilas Sagar Dam – The dam built across Vedavathi river

Overnight stay at Chitradurga.

Day7: Chitradurga to Chikmagalur

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Chikmagalur –One of the top hill station destination and well known as the coffee land of Karnataka.

  • Mullayanagiri – Heights peak of Karnataka between Himalayas and Nilgiris. Trekking is available.(Visiting period Sep – Mar)
  • Kemmangundi – Hill station and has beautiful laid gardens, magnificent mountain ranges.
  • Manikyadhara waterfalls – Speciality of this fall is that it will not get drained during the summer instead the water remains icy cold.
  • Baba Budangiri – Second highest peak in Karnataka. Trekking is available Start in Mullayanagiri and ends in Baba Budangiri peak. A temple is situated in this peak this renowned shire is named after the saint Baba Budan, who is equally revered by both Muslims and Hindus.(Visiting time 8am to 5pm Sep –Mar)

Overnight stay at Chikmagalur.

Day8: Chikmagalur to Udupi

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Udupi – It is the pilgrimage destination and is an important Vaishnavita coastal town in Karnataka.

  • Srikrishna temple – Most famous temple in Udupi, dedicated to Lord Krishna. (Visiting time 4am to  9pm Nirmalya visarjan pooja is held at 5:30am)
  • Mookambika – Dedicated to Aadiparashakti , who is believed to embody the powers of three Goddesses Saraswathi,Mahakali and Mahalakshmi.(Visiting time 5am to 1:30pm & 3pm to 9pm)
  • Malpe beach – Offers variety of water sports activities Jet ski riders , Speed boat and water skiing.
  • St.Marys Island – Ferry service is available here (Ferry from Malpe at 9:30am to 5:30pm June to September closed  Ferry service fee is 250-300/-)
  • Kaupa beach.

Overnight stay at Udupi.

Day 9: Mangalore (Tour Ends)

Morning after breakfast proceeds to Mangalore airport / railway station for departure with a lot of memories on this holiday trip.

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